The Juvida Guarantee

At JUVIDA, we believe transparency with all our patients is key to achieving the best possible results. Below is an extract from our contract which explains our guarantee to patients:

Please remember, hair transplants do not stop hair loss. We provide continual hair care via PRP and Dense products to minimise any further hair loss.

To summarise: The satisfaction of our patients is absolutely essential and following your post op care as well as attending your review appointments is essential. If you still require additional treatment, we will review at 12 months and fill in any obvious gaps as early as possible in the initial treated area.

No hair transplant can achieve the thickness of your existing hair. Our expert surgeons can aim to mimic and achieve maximum density by the latest techniques used and taught at Juvida.


6.3 Remediation – If your practitioner agrees that further surgery is necessary to assist you in achieving the result anticipated, Juvida will consider making a partial or full contribution to the surgical costs for up to 1 year after your operation.  Juvida will assess the circumstances of each patient separately in determining the basis on which further surgery would be provided at any discount.  Juvida will make the ultimate decision in readmissions and the Company’s decision is final.                                                                                                  

6.4  The patient acknowledges that the results of surgery can take 12-15 months for final growth.  Hair loss is progressive and more native hair may be lost during the period.  Full hair restoration may require further surgeries and a staged approach. Hair loss prevention is key.                                                                                                                                                                     

6.5 If the patient fails to follow advice and guidance given (both pre and post-operative ) or to attend review appointments or where the results of the surgery originally provided  have been affected by changes in lifestyle, illness or the natural ageing process, Juvida cannot commit to providing continuing surgery at special rates.

6.6  As stated in 6.3, any additional treatment will require full assessment from the doctor who did the initial procedure at the 12-month review stage. It is the patient’s responsibility to book and attend this appointment. Additional grafts will only be implanted in areas where there has been no growth and only in the existing transplanted area from the initial treatment. As stated in the consent form, it is impossible to recreate the density of existing hair with a transplant. The additional procedure must be agreed upon and completed within six months of the year anniversary date of the initial transplant at Juvida. If the patient decided to book after this six-month period, he/she will be charged a flat fee of £4 per graft with a minimum cost of £1000. Should patients wish to have additional treatment after two years from the date of the initial transplants, full costs of treatment will be charged